Youth Enlightenment and Empowerment

In This Generation at large, the youth are considered the most populous age group in all continents. That should be good news given that in the youth people see productiveness, passion, good health and more. However, this is not the case.

For instance in the political arena, rather than vote most youth opt out citing reasons such as ‘my vote won’t count!’ or something like  ‘ I there are millions like me out there who share my opinion!’. The problem comes in when  a leader they do not want  gets into office and all they do until the next elections is complain

In the Matters concerning Governance, on e will say, “Oh all that this Government does is come up with policies that only cater for their needs, those of their families and those they know”

On the other hand, if for instance a new law is suggested on the system of Governance they will say that ‘their’ leader is being targeted!

How many times have you heard a young person say, “I hate politics! I do not even like watching news because it is full of politics. When I get my own house all I will watch is movies!” Countless times am sure. Yet if anything goes wrong for ‘their leader’, they will be the first to say ‘it is so unfair!’

The youth are becoming more and more pessimistic on futuristic goals for the country e.g.Vision 2030

Something should be done to enlighten these young minds because in the future or rather tomorrow they will be in Leadership positions.

Failure to do so may lead to a worse governance and way of life.