I Sell Veggies :)

She struck us as appealing and easy to talk to by her radiant and welcoming smile.

Not to mention the beautiful display of her produce.

Elizabeth has a kiosk where she sells ripe bananas, tomatoes and paper bags.


After several years of formal employment she did not make enough savings to cater for her needs, she thus sought to be her own boss and started a kiosk. This has been her trade for the last 10years one that she finds fulfilling because it has enabled her to sort her bills and educate her three children and provide for their basic needs.

However, this job has it’s fair share of challenges the most frustrating being the fluctuating prices of the farm produce which¬† makes her raise the prices for her customers leading to poor sales. To alleviate¬† the situation, they sometimes buy the fruits in crates as a group and share the profits.

Ultimately Elizabeth says her source of help is the Lord who after she got saved has seen her through her trails and helped her business and family to stand.

**note: this article was originally written on 21/Feb/2013 at a writing workshop**