My Dress my Choice: they say
My dress my Choice? Hmmm I wonder
My Dress their Choice , it could be
Whose dress, whose Choice?
The question still remains


100 Words Challenge: Shades of Blue

There she stood in the middle of the massive crowd.
Turquoise Blue dress with Navy, White and teal nautical stripes, Matching Turquoise earrings,, pink lips, smokey eyes purple braids, beige belt and  a pair of Matching Beige killer heels. Face was what they nowadays call ‘beat’ to show full makeup.
Those watching her thought she looked like a goddess, straight out from the galaxy.

If only they  could read her mind, then they would know she saw herself as scum of the earth doled up yes but scum all the same.

She let out a long sad sigh as her eyes beamed with bitter tears…

Women and the Girl Child

I may not have been born in the 17th or 18th Century but from the book I have read and stories I have listened to, nothing much was happening to the girl child or by fan ad large the female species in the Human race.

For Instance-Education was only made available only for the boys. It was especially bad if you were born as the only girl in the family. A young girl’s life cycle was being born, and in my culture that got you four ululations from the women folk. After that: initiation into adulthood and then marriage and consequently passing on. That was it.

The boys on the other hand, Birth welcomed by five ululations then to school initiation, working raising a family and eventually passing on. Do you spot the difference?

So if in those days a girl was not entitled to education or a leadership role, why now centuries later after years of toiling to belong and be recognized in the Society are we being told that there is too much noise being made about the Girl child and that the boy child has been forgotten. Just why?

Are we (girls) such a threat when educated and are leading, and is this not the same society that says “If You Educate a Boy, You Educate an Individual but If You Educate a Girl You Educate the Whole Nation”

Someone make me understand

Yours Truly,

A ‘Girl’Child

Youth Enlightenment and Empowerment

In This Generation at large, the youth are considered the most populous age group in all continents. That should be good news given that in the youth people see productiveness, passion, good health and more. However, this is not the case.

For instance in the political arena, rather than vote most youth opt out citing reasons such as ‘my vote won’t count!’ or something like  ‘ I there are millions like me out there who share my opinion!’. The problem comes in when  a leader they do not want  gets into office and all they do until the next elections is complain

In the Matters concerning Governance, on e will say, “Oh all that this Government does is come up with policies that only cater for their needs, those of their families and those they know”

On the other hand, if for instance a new law is suggested on the system of Governance they will say that ‘their’ leader is being targeted!

How many times have you heard a young person say, “I hate politics! I do not even like watching news because it is full of politics. When I get my own house all I will watch is movies!” Countless times am sure. Yet if anything goes wrong for ‘their leader’, they will be the first to say ‘it is so unfair!’

The youth are becoming more and more pessimistic on futuristic goals for the country e.g.Vision 2030

Something should be done to enlighten these young minds because in the future or rather tomorrow they will be in Leadership positions.

Failure to do so may lead to a worse governance and way of life.



 Oh how I wish I had:

All the time in the world

All the money in my bank

All the press passes I could have

All the twitter followers one can get

Then I wonder…

If I had all the time in the world, would I be as time conscious?

If I had all the money in the bank, would I be as ambitious?

If I had all the press passes (this would be a dream come through), would I be as tenacious?

And if I had a gazillion twitter followers would I ever have started this word press blog?

I guess then its true what they say: careful what you wish for… right.


P.S: what do you wish you had?

Pain of Obscurity

This pain is too hard to bear

The unfortunate thing is that no painkillers can heal this pain

Nor any band-aid

Neither any prescription

Not even a soothing massage

Or a bowl of chicken soup

None of that can take it away

No remedy has proven to work

I can only wish there was a balm for a heavy heart

Then I would purchase it in tones

For this kind of pain is too hard to bear



** This article was done at a writing workshop in January 2013** 

Rodgers struck our team as a determined minor businessperson but after we got talking, we found out that he owned not one but five fruits stand! Do not judge a book by its cover.

He led us to his biggest and most profitable stand where we did the interview.

Rodgers started the business four years ago after trying his hand as a ‘Mjengo’ (Construction) Worker. He decided to meet a certain need in the Kangemi area- The Provision of fruits to residents. Many people working in Kangemi cannot afford lunch but fruits served as a more affordable option, hence the success of the business.

One might wonder if Vending fruits can be well paying… well. Brace yourself: Rodgers has built a house with the profits and bought a cow… How rewarding!

This being a political year, we wanted to know if in any way this had affected his business. His only shortcoming would be that he would have to be away upcountry for two weeks as the voting goes on. That would lead to loss of key sales especially since fruits sell out in the hot season.

He agrees that indeed politicians have given many promises though they have not said anything that will profit his business much.

In the next five years, Rodgers hopes to make enough savings to buy a piece of land and be a broker (to get fruits from the farms for him and other vendors). This will increase his profit margins.

His encouragement to young people is to stop drinking and lazing around and organize themselves to try their hand in business.

On regular customers, he said there are quite a number with whom they are on a first name basis and discuss politics and family. However, there are those who shun him because of his ‘small business’ which is hardly the case as he owns 5 stalls in prime locations.

Determination and passion is evident in this young man, who is a husband and a father of one.