The Presidential Aspirants Debate

Campaigns kicked off on 28th May 2017 and end on 5th August 2017 in the run up to the August 8 General Elections.

One of the most eventful events yet in the #Electionske will be the Presidential Debates.

Kenya’s presidential candidates will go head to head in televised debates ahead of the August 8 general election.

The debates have been organized by the Media Owners association of Kenya.

The debates will see the candidates reach out to the widest possible audience to explain how they would govern Kenya if elected.

They are aimed at

  • helping voters make informed choices,
  • promoting national cohesion
  • steering campaigns towards the quality of leadership rather than personalities

The first debate will take place on 10th July From 7.30pm at The Catholic University of Eastern Africa followed by¬† the running mates’ debate will take place on July 17 at the same time and venue.

The final debate will be on 23rd July.

They will be broadcasted across the participating Media houses both TV and Radio.

The media’s aim is to entrench a culture of civilized discourse through sessions that will give the public opportunities to listen to candidates, question and interact with them.

The organizing committee is finalizing on rules that will guide the debates and are yet to decide on the number of candidates who will participate.

In February 2013, two historic presidential debates were televised. Eight television stations and 32 radio stations announced the venture for an unprecedented simultaneous broadcast of the debates.

The debates adopted a town-hall style format, each having two moderators and four panelists who engaged presidential aspirants in a question and answer session for 90 minutes.

The Debate will be on followed online too under the hashtag| #PresidentialDebates2017

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